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MAST MATE is an alternating-step flexible ladder made of 2 inch-wide nylon webbing and is attached to the sail track with the appropriate slides and pulled aloft by a halyard. The sewn tensile strength of the webbing is 3,000 pounds. The distance between the alternating steps is 17 inches. A custom model is available with less distance between the steps (see FAQ #9). The steps are double reinforced with the same webbing. The steps are not sewn on to a main strap, but rather are formed by two continuous parallel straps of webbing, one sewn to form the step, the other straight and visa versa the length of the ladder. Thus the Mast Mate is one contiguous unit.

A No. 3 spur grommet is attached between each step (19 grommets for the 27ft, 25 grommets for the 35-foot , 30 for the 42-foot , and 36 for the 50-foot). A stout D ring is affixed at the top for halyard connection, Nylon retainer shackles are provided for connecting the step grommets to the appropriate slides or slugs provided by the owner. There are adjacent steps at the top, 3 feet below the halyard connection, for equal footing when working. These steps can be positioned at any point on the mast by raising or lowering the mast mate. There are fiberglass batten stiffeners for these top adjacent steps.

MAST MATE can be used on any mast that employs mainsail slides or a rope luff. It is raised only when needed and is hoisted just as the mainsail. If the particular track or slot system has a gate, MAST MATE is fed in above the lowered main; otherwise, the main must be taken off the track or slot. A downhaul is recommended, but the weight of the climber will take the slack out of the system.

A common problem, main halyard retrieval, can be solved by MAST MATE by using the jib halyard (masthead rig only) or adjustable topping lift. If a spare halyard is available, MAST MATE affixed will provide a means to lessen the burden of going aloft in the bosun's chair by taking the weight off the wincher, MAST MATE can also be used as an emergency boarding ladder by looping a step over a winch and casting the rest overboard. When not in use, MAST MATE is rolled compactly (per instructions) and stowed in the nylon bag provided. The 27 MAST MATE weighs 7 pounds and it's dimensions rolled are Diameter 12" X 2" width, the 35ft weighs 9 lbs and is
D 14" X W 2",the 42ft weighs 10 pounds and is D 16" X W 2" rolled , and the 50 weighs 12 pounds and is D
17" X W 2" rolled.

MAST MATE is manufactured in the United States, It is a simple device, a combination of old and new ideas and modern materials. Used with common sense and good judgment, it is a very helpful tool. The statement most often heard when MAST MATE is seen at boat shows or in private use is:
"Why didn't I think of that?"

Upon delivery of your Mast Mate climbing system , you will receive the ladder itself, to the specified length, and rolled in the stowed position inside the convenient storage bag , also the number of universal nylon shackles specified for that length ladder, 19 for 27ft, 25 for 35ft, 30 for 42ft, and 36 for 50 ft.. These shackles are simply affixed to the bail of the proper track slide, provided by you, and then easily attached to the Mast Mate . I suggest , for cost reasons, that you purchase the appropriate track slides from a sailmaker or rigging shop rather than your friendly marine store. Also, newly included , are 2 six inch fiberglass reinforcing battens with rubber tips. These battens are to be inserted into pockets on the adjacent top steps .If ordered, you will receive the workbelt which also stows nicely in the Mast Mate Bag. Both the ladder and the workbelt come with complete instructions, which should be carefully read before deployment.

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