Tool Bag Workbelt


Mast Mate Workbelt . Made of the same quality webbing and the highest manufacturing standards.



 The design is similar to a linesman's belt, consisting of an adjustable waist belt with a tool bag conveniently affixed at the back and a tether strap that goes around the mast and clips back onto the opposite side of the belt. This allows for a comfortable work position with both hands free. I feel the use of this workbelt greatly reduces any risk that could be incurred by on the spot solutions to securing yourself to the mast. When used to hold you to the mast, regular safety harnesses with a single front attachment point, although useful for a back up safety line, tend to make you swing side to side making working difficult at best. With the Mast Mate Workbelt you are fully supported from your backside greatly reducing swing . It is a must when working off the Mast Mate and is equally useful when using permanent mast steps.

$70 with Mast Mate Purchase




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